Airport carbon offsetting

Lead the way on sustainable travel. Empower travellers to reduce their carbon footprint with our simple offsetting solution.

The trusted carbon offsetting solution for:

Airports are perfectly positioned to offer a clear and immediate course of action on flight emissions. Help your travellers to become Climate Friendly with voluntary carbon offsetting.

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A simple white label offsetting solution

Climate Friendly Traveller sits outside of your other
sustainability initiatives,
giving a significant boost to the action you are already taking.

Travellers become aware of the opportunity to offset through QR codes on digital signage and on connecting to airport WiFI.

They can easily calculate the carbon footprint of their flight and pay to offset it.

Every offset is aggregated in your cumulative impact dashboard, a powerful way of supporting your sustainability messaging.

Support the highest quality carbon
offset projects

We make sure that every offset contribution goes directly to projects that deliver the biggest impact for the environment.

Every one of our projects is third party verified and meets a range of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We direct contributions to projects that support reforestation and clean energy, locally and globally.

As well as removing carbon from the atmosphere, each contribution helps to restore ecosystems and create sustainable green jobs.

We understand just how complex, expensive and inefficient it is for airports to create their own carbon offsetting programmes. We exist to make it simple, trustworthy and affordable.

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Climate Friendly FAQs

  • Is the airport the natural space to introduce offsetting?

    Yes, we are not taking anything away from the airline’s offering, only adding to it. 70% passengers fly with airlines that don’t offer offsetting solutions and customers don’t necessarily trust where their money is going. This is a service offering, with value add for your customers. it is the airport taking a leadership role.

  • Are there precedents?

    Yes, there are. We are working with a number of airports to lead the way on this, going live in the coming months.

  • Who manages the transaction?

    We manage the whole process, payment comes to us via Stripe and we feed back complete live reporting information on your offsets.