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February 18, 2022


CarbonClick is B Corp Certified

CarbonClick is pleased to announce it has achieved certification as a B Corp enterprise recognising its high standards for accountability, transparency, social sustainability and environmental performance.

The B Corp movement began in 2006 to transform the global economy to benefit all people and the environment. Since then, the community of certified B Corps has grown to more than 2,750 companies across 150 industries in 64 countries. Today, the B Corp family is leading the way in using business as a force for good and includes prestigious brands such as, Patagonia and The Body Shop.

Now, CarbonClick is proud to join that family.

“This is a significant moment for us. It highlights the principles we build this business on. In fact, most companies simply cannot meet the demands for B Corp certification, because they need to retrofit for-profit models never designed for social and environmental good. But we set up our business for good from day one to achieve financial strength while contributing to fixing predominantly our climate, but also social issues. This is really a moment our whole team is proud of. Together, we have created a culture and a set of core values around a central desire to innovate for good. We are so proud of the impact we’ve had to date – over 1.7 million trees and clean energy projects worth of offsets with strong social impacts and co-benefits. This is thanks to  the more than 1000 enterprises adding our transformational green button to their e-commerce checkouts ” Dave Rouse, CEO at CarbonClick 

“B Lab’s standards encourage companies not only to minimise their impact, but also provide solutions to urgent social and environmental issues. CarbonClick’s business model does exactly that — its platform aims to address climate change and engages more people to be part of the solution. We are excited to welcome CarbonClick who joins the growing community of B Corps in Aotearoa New Zealand to use business as a force for good.” Mindy Leow, Head of Growth and Impact at B Labs

Since 2019, we’ve been on a mission to make climate action simple, helping over 1,000 businesses and 120,000 individuals and have offset more than 34 million kg of CO2. We’re excited to keep driving change and to be making a real difference for the planet. 

About CarbonClick

CarbonClick was created after two of our founders built an award winning offsetting programme for a major international airline. They saw how hard it was for businesses to create their own programme, access or perform proper due diligence on offset projects, and then trace and reconcile those credits to prove customer payments had been accounted for.

CarbonClick was born to make climate action simple and transparent for businesses and customers alike, supporting the planet and humanity through projects we all care so much about.

Based in Auckland, NZ, we’re a global team spread across the USA, UK, and South East Asia – all motivated by making a measurable difference in the fight against climate change.

Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements from some of your favourite global brands that will be going live with CarbonClick’s Green Button on their online store. Please get in touch if you’re able to support our mission by providing other brands that you would love to see take climate action.

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