We have an emergency!

On Tuesday 1st December, the New Zealand government declared a Climate Emergency.

CarbonClick is a New Zealand tech startup founded in 2018, on a mission to make a measurable impact in the fight against climate change. We’ve created this site to help you make sense of the emergency – why it is important and what you can do to play your part. 

Read our open letter

The CarbonClick leadership team supports the declaration and call on other leaders, in New Zealand and abroad, to join the climate action movement. Read the full letter here.

Our house is on fire and we need mass scale climate action

We’re already 110% behind the movement. We’ve created this page to help you take action too.

Climate Action for Individuals

Make your voice heard

It’s fantastic that the government has declared a Climate Emergency, but the hard work is ahead of us! We need to hold the government and businesses accountable, so write, tweet, protest if need be, let’s keep up the pressure!

Upskill on climate change

Understanding a carbon footprint and the carbon impact on the atmosphere is important, as there is a vocal minority who are science deniers. Resources like Skeptical Science is a go-to resource that addresses many points/myths in simple language.

Put your money where the change is happening

Your spending is the lifeblood of businesses and steers the direction of market. Consider who you spend your money with, and if you think they could be doing a better job in sustainability, then tell them!

Climate Action for Businesses


As businesses, we account for the largest chunk of spending. This makes it all the more important to make sustainable choices when sourcing, from vehicles to materials to energy. The more we request of our suppliers, the more they’ll focus on this.


Our people are our greatest asset. Making it easy for them to take sustainable actions is a great way to increase the positive impact of our businesses – be it bicycle parking and showers or suggesting sustainable options for Kiwisaver, all these steps take us in the right direction, and are proven to improve staff satisfaction as well!

Understanding your footprint

While we can nudge our staff and improve our supply lines, there are myriad ways to make our impact on our environment better. We work with several excellent organisations who can offer advice tailored to your specific business. We invite you to get in touch to start a conversation – it’s what we love doing! Get in touch!

Calculate your carbon footprint & start your climate action journey

Use our worlds simplest carbon calculator and start your climate action journey today.

Calculate my footprint

Other things you can do

We’ve been on a climate action journey since 2018. Check out some of our resources and do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss other opportunities. We’re 110% in!

Go climate positive by offsetting your life with My CarbonClick

It’s like Netflix, but for the environment

Go Climate Friendly with My CarbonClick

Hi, we’re CarbonClick!

Thanks for stopping by. We’re on a mission to play a part in combatting this emergency. If your house is on fire, you’re going to do whatever you can to save it and everyone and everything in it.
We see our part of this mission being helping to work with people and businesses to understand their impact and where need be, and negate this impact through offsetting.
We’re only just getting started and we’d love you to join our journey.

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