Looking for loyalty programs for carbon offsets?

We understand the value of Loyalty Programs. We can also help your business connect with a leading carbon offset loyalty program, enabling you to reach a wider audience who also want to help save the environment.

This is a beneficial way to help fund our environmental projects around the world and grow your brand.

Loyalty programs provide endless benefits

Retention is vital for any business, and providing rewards to loyal customers is an effective way to show that you care and ensure repeat purchases. Offering additional benefits to your clients when they make a purchase also helps to build rapport through the interest of a common goal.

NZ’s biggest loyalty program supports environmental projects

We are partnered with New Zealand’s name in this game, known as AA Smartfuel.

Our Loyalty Programs presently has over 2.7 million cardholders and reaches 95 percent of all Kiwi homes, which is only likely to grow as time goes by.

The program enables one to accumulate points, which can then save on fuel prices. It also offers rewards from partnered businesses – including ClickCarbon, as we invite all AA Smartfuel users to support our environmentally friendly projects. We can link your company to this initiative by giving you access to a massive New Zealand audience who may not already be familiar with your brand. This allows you to increase ROI and exposure. They can then use their points to receive discounts on your goods or services and contribute to environmental projects.

We give you the chance to utilize one of the biggest and most successful programs out there for carbon-neutrality. Learn how your brand can reap the rewards now by getting in touch with our friendly customer service team.