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SimpliFlying and CarbonClick are teaming up to bring you the world’s first podcast dedicated to sustainable aviation. Each week, “Sustainability in the Air” will dive deep into sustainability issues impacting aviation, helping airlines, airports and travel executives discover the pathway to creating a sustainable future for the industry.

Trust In Travel

SimpliFlying is the world’s leading aviation marketing consulting firm. Since 2009, they have helped an enviable list of aviation brands think differently and lead change in the industry.

Climate Action
Made Simple

CarbonClick is the global leader in high-trust climate action. Since 2019, they have empowered airlines and other aviation companies with simple, transparent and effective carbon offsetting solutions.

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Discuss how you can play a bigger role on climate change. Meet with one of our aviation specialists to learn how you and your airline can increase loyalty by integrating a high-trust voluntary carbon offsetting program into your booking flow or passenger experience.


Appeal to the more than 46% of passengers who want the opportunity to offset the carbon impact of their flights.


Build loyalty and trust with a simple, integrated offsetting solution that is


Every contribution is traceable to ecosystem restoration and clean energy initiatives happening across the globe.

Built for the aviation industry

We understand just how complex, expensive and inefficient it is for businesses to create their own carbon offsetting programmes. We exist to make it simple, trustworthy and cost-effective.

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Travellers can easily calculate the carbon footprint of their flight and pay to offset it.


We provide full transparency. Every contribution can be tracked and traced directly to the projects it supports.


Every offset is aggregated in your cumulative impact dashboard, a powerful way of supporting your sustainability messaging.

Supporting the world’s
top climate projects with a simple click

We make sure that every offset contribution goes directly to projects that deliver the biggest impact for the environment.

Proven projects, meeting the highest standards by both third-party registries and internal due diligence.

Every offset is fully transparent, allowing travellers to follow their contributions to carbon offsetting projects.

Aligning with your sustainability goals as well as many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With options to customise your basket enabling you to source projects that resonate with your customers and community.

The trusted carbon offsetting solution for:

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