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June 1, 2021

Dave’s favourite Kiwi roadtrip


Dave Rouse is the CEO of CarbonClick. He is a Kiwi born entrepreneur who grew up in between the bush in the Waitakeres and working on organic farms. Dave’s connection to the land has seen him bring a unique set of sustainability values into a variety of businesses.

“The best road trip I’ve ever had was one where we were going to Mount Ruapehu for a ski trip, but the weather packed in. It was so windy and we had about two days to kill. So, we took some back roads, threw the dice on which way to go and we ended up in all sorts of places, like the Republic of Whangamōmona- places that we’d never have thought of going to that were just amazing to visit.

The drive was so beautiful, the scenery was spectacular and the people we met along the way was just amazing, totally different to what we would’ve done if we planned it.”

This route is all about exploring the numerous back roads off the side of the winding SH 43.

This route takes 2-3 days; Total distance: 390km; 92kg of CO2, and a total of $0.23 AA Smartfuel discounts to offset

Sites to visit along the way:

  • Turn off SH 43 for a visit to the Mt Damper falls
  • Stop off in the Republic Whangamōmona
  • Turn off to Matau, where you can do the Hidden Valley Walk along the side of the Waitara river
  • Wind across to Urenui and up to Wai-iti beach
  • From there, head up to see Three Sisters and the Elephant Rock

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