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Join a community of the world’s top businesses who use CarbonClick’s tools to take action on their carbon footprint.

Why CarbonClick?

We’ve helped 1,037 businesses and 120,089 individuals take climate action.

Whether you are a business or an individual, access the tools and resources to measure, reduce and offset your carbon footprint.
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    Our tools are easy to use and integrate - built to make climate action simple.
  • Every project is fully certified and meets UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Fully transparent offsets that can be easily tracked and traced, directly to the projects they supports.
  • Measure your impact as it grows and engage your staff and customers with your climate action.

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Our solutions

How do you want to take climate action?


Climate Friendly Team

Engage your staff with community climate action extending across your business and into your culture.
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Carbon Neutral Cart

Add the Green Button to your checkout, letting your customers to include a voluntary carbon offset with their purchase.
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Voluntary Flight Offsetting

White label customer-led offsetting solutions tailored for airports and airlines.
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Climate Friendly Product

Pre-purchase offsets to cover an average footprint of your product and bundle the cost in your product price.
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After a bespoke offsetting solution for your industry? Talk to our team to find out more.
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Just want to purchase an offset?

Use our one-off offset tool to buy a specific amount.


Your impact

Support climate projects making a real difference around the world

Highest quality offsets

We direct every contribution to a balance of reforestation and high impact clean energy projects.

This blended approach ensures that every offset delivers the biggest climate impact.

Not only are you removing carbon from the atmosphere, but you’re restoring native ecosystems and creating sustainable green jobs.

We ensure that every offset has the following traits



sequestration has actually taken place.



accurate and not double counted.



Forestry projects are protected for 50-100 years.



wouldn’t have happened otherwise.



independently verified on a registry.



supports communities, with no negative consequences.

Our projects partner with:

From our customers:

“One of our best product launches. The support and credentials of the team at CarbonClick were key to getting the product to market.”

Rowan Dean, VP Commercial Development Asia Pacific, Constellation Brands New Zealand

“As a young business leader, I think it's inexcusable to not implement climate change solutions into your business. 3sixty2 become New Zealand's first wine producer to introduce CarbonClick to my website checkout. In 2020 3sixty2 achieved 62% CarbonClick conversion rate and every corporate client offset every gift. So far in 2021 we've achieved a 70% conversion rate. This tells me my customers are invested in taking climate action seriously too. CarbonClick makes this simple for everyone (business owners and customers), to do the right thing.”

Alice Rule, Founder & Chief Winegrower, 3sixty2 Wines
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“We’re proud to have taken another step further with CarbonClick by bringing our team into the carbon reduction journey. With full engagement and delight from our staff, AA Smartfuel is proud to have taken this initiative and to be able to give our team the opportunity to incorporate this into their everyday lives. Giving them a head start and sponsoring some of their footprint has already created a positive impact.”

Scott McNulty, National Sales Manager, AA Smartfuel
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“Carbon Click is not just about the app, they are a wonderful team who are tackling a huge global mission in which we deeply align with. Not only has their digital experience been a breeze to connect with, they've also gone over and above by providing us with support, tips and wisdom. This has truly helped us succeed as a start-up. Looking forward to collaborating with you further. Thank you!”