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The fight against climate change is slowly becoming important for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide. But for many, this presents a challenge in knowing what to do to help the cause and how to go about it.

We connect businesses and individuals to projects that fight climate change. If you’re a business, engage your customers with ways they can minimize their footprint (and yours) during the purchasing experience. If you’re an individual looking to take climate action, come on a climate-friendly journey with us by signing up to My CarbonClick.

carbon offsetting company provider

How does carbon offsetting help companies?

The actions we take (like driving a car) and the things we buy create emissions. On the other side, something like planting trees takes this staple out of the atmosphere. Offsets measure the benefits created by projects dedicated to reducing these side effects. By buying them, you neutralize your emissions.

carbon offsetting company provider

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“CarbonClick delivers certified carbon offset projects either at the point of sale or via a subscription.”
“CarbonClick want to make it easier for businesses and consumers to save the planet.”
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CarbonClick’s app is an eCommerce plug-in that makes offsetting the carbon footprint of an online purchase simple.”

Some Of Our Climate Champions

Fix & Fogg
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Get going with the world’s
easiest carbon offsetting, and
help reverse climate change

Get going with the world’s easiest carbon offsetting, and help reverse climate change

For individuals
For individuals
For businesses
For businesses

How are we different from other carbon offset providers?

We are are dedicated to creating a greener planet by providing solutions to businesses and consumers.

We provide solutions to suit your business’s ecological needs through partnerships with ethical, fully traceable reforestation and renewable energy projects. As a high-tech provider, we offer individuals options to neutralize their footprint and businesses to make sales that are better for the environment at the point of sale. We also help e-commerce stores minimize their footprint with our ecommerce plugins for Shopify, Magneto, and Woocommerce.

Our team can help you create your loyalty program for this cause. This mindset will not only inspire your customers to take action; it will improve your standing in their eyes due to your commitment to the environment.

We are a provider of personalized solutions for individuals and any business type to become carbon-neutral. Unlike many other companies and providers, all funds are fully traceable with our track and trace functionality, leading you directly to the plantation receiving the funds.

Why Now? 

It’s in the headlines. It’s clear that we all need to reduce Co2, greenhouse gas, and environmentally damaging-inducing activities; to choose more clean energy and renewable sources and ways to minimize our footprint.  This is the era of Greta Thunberg, and our media continually reminds us of our climate emergency. The time to become a part of carbon offsetting companies is now.

We’re all responsible – from the way we travel to the pollution that’s now commonplace in the atmosphere around us. From the rivers to the lakes and the seas – our businesses play a part in how these parts of our planet live, breathe, look, and function. Our waste, and therefore landfill, gas footprint, the carbon dioxide produced by our leisure, our social lives, and our livelihoods – there is a growing sense of the personal urgency within individuals and private business. Arising is a new awareness of the horrific legacy we may leave for future generations.

There is a practical ecological solution available. We need to work with nature by using tree planting and reforestation initiatives. This emergency is so great that we can no longer wait for government action  – we must, as individuals and as a collective society, move towards minimizing our emissions and adopt renewable energy and clean energy technologies. We need an urgent global push, a concerted effort for climate action from all conscientious citizens, local communities, and businesses worldwide. This is required, especially in the largest per-capita polluter countries, such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

But we CAN do it.



To be successful and deliver impact on a global scale, our carbon offset company needs to be sustainable. All carbon offset companies need to cover costs such as premises, wages, quality assurance, administration and transaction fees. Our sources of revenue are: – We take a 20% margin on the carbon credits. Note, we are also working hard to negotiate volume discounts with our brokers (minimum 10%) to ensure customers get carbon credits at or below-market rates.

Check out our pricing page for more details.

For New Zealand-based offset projects, we are looking to work directly with landowners and reputable brokers who can give us full end-to-end transparency on the forest and movement of credits. Our current carbon offsets of permanent New Zealand forestry credits is NZ Carbon Farming, who are leaders in this space. We hope to announce additional partners in the near future.

CarbonClick follows industry best practice to ensure that the offsets we provide have a real, measurable impact on reducing climate change. By ensuring our projects are of the highest quality, our company seeks to reduce reputational risks and maximize the impact our customers are having.

For New Zealand based projects, CarbonClick buys credits certified under the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative and Plan Vivo voluntary standards. Internationally, we only fund carbon offset projects which have been certified by the following standards; Gold Standard, Verra, Plan Vivo, United Nations’s UNFCCC Clean Development. These standards provide a methodology framework, independent verification process, and a registry to ensure gas reductions are real, additional, permanent and unique.

The money paid to CarbonClick for providing carbon credits goes towards certified carbon offset provider projects that have met the highest standards. The funds are distributed amongst carbon offset suppliers carrying out the projects and CarbonClick takes a margin on the carbon credits for sourcing projects, quality assurance, administration and transaction fees.

A carbon credit is what is bought and sold when dealing with voluntary carbon offsets. For every tonne of CO2 that a project manages to absorb or otherwise reduce, a carbon credit is issued. Carbon credits are certified by international standards and held in registries like the Gold Standard registry (international credits) or the Emissions Trading Register (New Zealand).

Voluntary carbon offsets compensate for unavoidable carbon dioxide release. To do this, organisations support projects that positively impact the environment and reduce or avoid emissions that would have otherwise contributed to climate change. If the positive impact of this support negates the negative impact they have, ie: if the emissions avoided equal the original emissions of an activity, that activity is said to be “offset”.

Voluntary carbon offsets are to compensate for unavoidable carbon emissions. To do this, organisations support projects that positively impact the environment and reduce or avoid greenhouse gas release that would have otherwise contributed to climate change. If the positive impact of this support negates the negative impact they have, ie: if the greenhouse gas emissions avoided equal the original emissions of an activity, that activity is said to be “offset”.

Offsetting with a carbon offsets company like CarbonClick is a way to take action on climate change right now, alongside your preference for renewable/clean energy and compliance with the Emissions Trading Scheme. To fight climate change we urgently need to reduce the amount of carbon in the earth’s atmosphere, by funding offset projects that permanently reduces or avoids gases being released into the atmosphere. This is carbon offsetting.

Congratulations on taking steps to reduce carbon and reducing your footprint and being part of the fight against climate change. Offsetting is part of the larger journey towards ‘net zero’, as not all emissions can be avoided and reduced. For these, using offsets is the only way to neutralise your impact.

Climate change threatens our economy and our way of life. Moody’s Analytics report that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, causing climate change could cost the global economy US$69 trillion by 2100. Greenhouse gas production is continuing to increase exponentially worldwide, which means we need to increase our efforts to transition to a low carbon economy. This, however, is likely to take significant investment and time. By offsetting the CO2 by using our carbon offsets provider service, we are producing is something we can do right now to take climate action.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The SDGs, also known as the Global Goals were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. For more info on the SDGs check out the UN website here.

There are so many good resources available to educate and inspire us to take climate action. Here are are some good places to start: Check Out Gen Less’ site to find out how you personally can embrace a lifestyle that uses less energy: Stuff’s article 10 tips for business to reduce their emissions is a good place to start for actions your workplace can take to reduce energy consumption. For individual action, check out WWF’s guide here

Carbon Click recommends that businesses take climate change action along the following lines: Step 1: Measure your impact, through internal sustainability audits, or using MPI’s guidelines.