Why CarbonClick?

We’ve helped 1,254 businesses and 225,417 individuals take climate action.

Whether you are a business or an individual, access the tools and resources to calculate, reduce and offset your carbon footprint.
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    Our solutions are easy to use and integrate - built to simplify climate action.
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    Every project is fully certified and meets UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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    Fully transparent offsets that can be easily tracked and traced directly to the projects they support.
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    Measure your impact as it grows and engage your staff and customers with your climate action.

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Our solutions

High-impact climate action

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Aviation & Travel

Deliver simple,
meaningful &
transparent carbon

Empower climate-friendly travel. Discover solutions that support a Net-Zero future.
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ecommerce offsets


Attract & retain

Offer customers a climate-friendly shopping experience. Discover how to enable customers to offset the carbon impact of their purchase at checkout.
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Sports & Events


Learn more about carbon offsetting for sustainable fan, team and event travel.
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After a bespoke offsetting solution for your industry? Talk to our team to find out more.
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Just want to purchase an offset?

Use our one-off offset tool to buy a specific amount.


Your impact

Make a real difference to people and the planet

reforestation decarbonisation projects

Support top-quality carbon offsetting projects

We direct every contribution to a balance of reforestation and high-impact clean energy projects.

This blended approach ensures that every offset delivers the most significant climate impact.

You are not only removing carbon from the atmosphere but also restoring native ecosystems and creating sustainable green jobs.

ecological projects

We deliver the highest-quality carbon offsetting projects



Sequestration has taken place.



Accurate and not double-counted.



Forestry projects are protected for 50-100 years.



It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.



Independently verified on a registry.



Supports communities with no negative consequences.

Our projects partner with:

Ready to find the right carbon offsetting program for you? You can now access CarbonClick via our new portal.

Buy credits

Support highly-vetted climate projects and grow your positive impact

Easily estimate emissions

Estimate your business emissions to give you a first idea of where you're at. Reduce where you can, and offset where you can't

Impact stories

Measure & promote your positive impact. Support your brand-storytelling with impactful sustainability initiatives

Get clicking

Inspire customers, employees and other stakeholders to take action and create your own impact program

From our customers:

“Accreditation means the governance can be attested, audited, and evidenced, which is essential. CarbonClick, for us, has been good. Carbonclick is among the top carbon offset providers in the United States. Through CarbonClick, we are offsetting in an accredited way. What we’ve loved about this is our customers have got a conscious choice and an accredited carbon offset certificate, so they know it’s real. Carbon click aims at fully addressing climate change and ensuring that every money accrued from carbon offsets will support the UN Sustainable development Goals. Every carbon credit translates into funds that support the environment.”

Tony Douglas, Group CEO, Etihad Aviation Group, during Episode 1 of Simpliflying’s Sustainability in the Air podcast

“Amadeus has been reinforcing its strategy to address environmental concerns, especially in cooperation with industry stakeholders. Our partnership with CarbonClick demonstrates such commitment, where our travel agency platforms now enable agents to provide their clients with a high-trust carbon offsetting opportunity. We know every industry has a carbon footprint, and you need to offset yours with Carbon Click. After offsetting, we use the funds from carbon credits purchases to fund projects such as landfill gas capture and wind power that reduce greenhouse gases. These renewable energy products also help us to earn renewable energy credits.”

Olivier Girault, VP, of Sustainability Ecosystem Initiatives at Amadeus

“Working with CarbonClick, we will be able to offer our customers ways to manage their sustainability objectives by offsetting the environmental impact of their corporate travel. Our partnership demonstrates a shared belief by two B Corp Certified companies in the power of technology to impact people and the planet positively. All carbon offset credits generated by CAR-certified projects are given a unique serial number. This makes tracking each project effective.”

David Fastuca , Locomote CMO and Co-Founder
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“One of our best product launches. The support and credentials of the team at CarbonClick were key to getting the product to market. Carbon Click focuses on offset projects that offer social, environmental, and economic benefits.”

Rowan Dean, VP Commercial Development Asia Pacific, Constellation Brands New Zealand
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“As a young business leader, I think it's inexcusable not to implement climate change solutions into your business. 3sixty2 become New Zealand's first wine producer to introduce CarbonClick to my website checkout. In 2020 3sixty2 achieved a 62% CarbonClick conversion rate, and every corporate client offset every gift. So far, in 2021, we've achieved a 70% conversion rate. This tells me my customers are invested in taking climate action seriously too. CarbonClick makes this simple for everyone (business owners and customers) to do the right thing.”

Alice Rule, Founder & Chief Winegrower, 3sixty2 Wines
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“We’re proud to have taken another step further with CarbonClick by bringing our team into the carbon reduction journey. With full engagement and delight from our staff, AA Smartfuel is proud to have taken this initiative and allowed our team to incorporate it into their everyday lives. We are prepared to lower carbon emissions or footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Giving them a head start and sponsoring some of their footprints have already created a positive impact.”

Scott McNulty, National Sales Manager, AA Smartfuel
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“CarbonClick is not just about the app; they are a wonderful team tackling a huge global mission with which we deeply align. Not only has their digital experience been a breeze to connect with, but they've also gone over and above by providing us with support, tips, and wisdom on carbon credits. The company has the best carbon offset programs and meets the Verified Carbon Standard. Unlike other carbon offset companies, CarbonClick has helped us succeed as a start-up. They have a voluntary carbon offset program for the American market. Looking forward to collaborating with you further. Thank you!”


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