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April 22, 2022


Happy Earth Day. Now’s the time to invest in our planet.

Since 1970, more than a billion people around the world have marked April 22 as a time to pause and take stock of their impact on the planet and participate in some form of positive action to cool the pace of climate change and promote positive environmental practices. 

This year’s Earth Day theme is #InvestInOurPlanet, calling on governments, businesses and individuals to invest in our planet, to preserve and protect our health, families and livelihoods. 

We at CarbonClick, together with our partners and customers, are striving to do exactly that. Over the past three years, we’ve helped over 1,000 businesses and over 160,000 individuals around the world make a positive impact on our planet, offsetting nearly 50 million kg of CO2. 

Earth Day & the Global Climate Movement

Urgent action is needed to limit the warming of the planet to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. Countries around the globe have commited to this critical mission through binding international treaties such as the Paris Agreement.  

The global goal is ‘net-zero’ or also referred to as ‘climate-neutral’, by 2050, meaning carbon emissions would be reduced and offset to a point where the amount of carbon being absorbed by the planet is equal to the total global emissions produced. A common criticism of the agreement is that it is not ambitious enough and will not be enacted quickly enough to limit heating to 1.5°C. In its current state, the agreement sets us up for 2.7°C of heating by 2100 (Source), which would be disastrous for our planet. 

To us at CarbonClick, Earth Day is a time on the calendar for people and organisations to take meaningful climate action by looking at ways in which they can #InvestInOurPlanet.

What can businesses and individuals do?

Firstly and most importantly, there’s ways for businesses  and individuals  to take important steps to reduce their carbon footprint. 

However, due to the enormous amount of action that needs to be taken in a very short space of time to keep warming limited to 1.5 degrees, we must also account for emissions that can’t (or aren’t) immediately be reduced.

Carbon Offsetting is a way to make up for some of those carbon emissions that are difficult to avoid, and to support the development of clean energy alternatives and projects that protect and restore the ecosystems we are so rapidly losing.

To help businesses and individuals to offset some of the carbon emissions they are causing when shopping, travelling or consuming, CarbonClick have developed a simple and transparent solution, that only takes a few clicks, to balance out their impact through carbon offsetting. The solution does much more than just balancing the carbon emissions, the contributions also protect forests, restore ecosystems and support communities.

What are the wider benefits of carbon offsetting?

The most effective offset projects are the ones that initiate a holistic approach to land use and climate solutions. This means that while the direct carbon capture or reduction element is central, the activities that go alongside – such as restoring the ecosystem as part of a reforestation project, or creating green jobs through clean energy – have benefits to people and the planet that strengthen our overall response to climate change.

What’s more, carbon offset programmes generally have environmental and social safeguard policies to reduce the risk that projects have any detrimental effects on local communities and ecosystems. 

Start your journey to #InvestInOurPlanet: About CarbonClick

CarbonClick provides the technology that allows companies, from aviation to retail, to enable customers to make a voluntary carbon offset to help neutralise the environmental impact of their purchase.

In working toward a mission to make a measurable impact in the fight against climate change, CarbonClick has earned its place as a global leader in high-trust climate action. All CarbonClick carbon offsetting programmes support verified projects that are aligned to specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Partners have the option to balance a mix of international and local initiatives that focus on reforestation and clean energy.

In February 2022, CarbonClick became a B-Corp Certified company for its commitment to meeting and maintaining the highest standard of social and environmental impact. 

Climate change is happening fast, as are the ways we approach the action we need to take. Talk to us how you can integrate carbon offsetting into your business offering.