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  • APIs power your Green Button
  • Gold Standard offset projects.
  • Full traceability of offsets

Shareable Green Credentials:

  • CarbonClick shareable eco-tile
  • CarbonClick shareable eco-badge

  • Email support

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  • CarbonClick custom landing page
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e-Commerce Advanced Plus:

Sustainability Consultancy

  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Custom API Calculations
  • White label platform

PR Partnership:

  • Marketing and PR support for launch

  • CarbonClick badge on pack or point of sale

  • Point of sale retail integration

  • Dedicated account manager

FAQ Content

We supply a diversified basket of the highest quality offsets, where 50% is local to you (where possible). This means the inventory and price varies, but it’s usually about $20 per tonne.

We work tirelessly to negotiate the best price, and because we purchase in bulk, we often get discounts from our offset providers.

The price you see includes around 20% margin for CarbonClick. This helps fund our customer support, project audits, administration fees , CarbonClick Rewards and building new tools for even better offsetting!

If a customer adds a contribution, it guarantees they are reducing the environmental impact of their purchase. However, attributing exactly what the offset goes to is hard to pinpoint exactly because of the complex supply chain behind every product. With very high confidence, freight will be offset for most products that use standard courier services for delivery. Furthermore, a meaningful part of the embodied carbon (carbon emissions related to manufacturing the product) will be offset with the remaining amount. If anything is left over after that, then the customer’s contribution is actually making the purchase climate positive – brilliant!

On our enterprise plans, we may include carbon footprint analysis to support your custom/calculated contribution.

Yes, customers who include a carbon offset in their purchase receive a confirmation email from us with a unique traceability link that they can use to get full details of their contribution including the projects it supported.

They can also choose to sign up to My CarbonClick, where they can see the cumulative impact of all their offsets. They can also choose to offset more if they wish.

Climate Friendly Cart: When you activate, you get access to our Climate Warrior onboarding pack which includes tonnes of social media assets and content! You get access to a self-service dashboard. This shows all CarbonClick transactions your customers make, so you can add up and share your total impact with the world. You can mention CarbonClick in any of your outbound marketing, and can redistribute any of our marketing collateral including blog posts, social media, videos and reports.

Enterprise: All of the above features, plus we’ll provide you with an agreed amount of monthly of marketing expertise to work with your team, to power up your carbon impact messaging . This could be assistance with press releases, special projects, checking technical correctness of messaging, and even joint video collateral like interviews.

If you’re a Shopify plugin customer, you can unsubscribe any time. Just contact us and ask to end your subscription, or cancel via your Shopify settings.

If you’re an enterprise customer with a custom package, your terms will be set out in your unique agreement.

Because we retire carbon credits as they are purchased, it’s impractical to offer refunds. Carbon credits are “retired” on government registries, and it is near impossible to reverse a retirement once it’s been processed. This is good for the planet, because it prevents people double-dipping: charging for credits, showing they’re retired, then undoing it.

However, if you have a special case to consider which is at least 1 tonne, please get in touch with us: we’ll do our level best to help.

CarbonClick rewards is a reward to you, and gives you the option to:

  • Withdraw the amount to use on sustainability improvements internally
  • Spend on offsetting your business’ emissions
  • Donate to a tree-planting charity

Rewards are redeemed on a quarterly schedule and a minimum $100 threshold exists to reduce administration costs. Unredeemed rewards are donated to tree-planting charities.

CarbonClick Rewards is only available for Climate Friendly Cart.