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June 18, 2021

There’s no denying CO2 emissions are a huge problem as it stands. They’re causing the Earth’s climate to change in ways that make it difficult for life as we know it to continue, and they’re also impacting our air quality.

These emissions come from many different sources, but one of the biggest is from power plants that burn fossil fuels. Fortunately, we have a few options, one of these being carbon offsets. This helps to limit greenhouse gases by funding projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere or prevent any additional quantities from being produced and supporting clean energy.

In this article, we’ll explore why eco-friendly solutions like these are necessary, and how you can implement them through your business. If you’ve recently been considering how to turn your brand into a more eco-friendly, sustainably conscious company, this is the perfect stepping stone into a greener, Mother Nature-friendly future.

What are carbon offsets?

These offsets are a way to take up some of the burdens that climate change is putting on future generations.

You can now implement eco-friendly solutions through companies like CarbonClick, to reduce your personal or company’s CO2 emissions. We give you the ability to tap into initiatives and projects like tree planting in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, further allowing you to embrace more sustainable actions as a business.

From a financial standpoint, your investment is fully verified. Know what you’re doing is making an immediate difference for our environment, showing your customers your greener mindset at the same time.

Why does this matter? It’s simple: until we reduce global fossil fuel use by 100 per cent, systems like these are necessary to pull us back from the brink of disaster. Every little bit counts.

The importance of reducing fossil fuel use

First, companies and individuals must look at ways to reduce their footprint. Planting trees is an effective way to store CO2 and stop it from being released into the atmosphere, but it’s no substitute for preventing the burning of fossil fuels in the first place.

Luckily, there are things you can do on individual and business levels. Some of the ways to limit your dependence on fossil fuels include:

  • Minimising work travel, encouraging workers to carpool or take public transport to work
  • Turning towards electric vehicles
  • Favour suppliers with sustainable practices over those that are heavily reliant on fossil fuels
  • Switch off lights when not in use. Better still, invest in motion sensors, automated solutions that turn off lights and heating and cooling solutions when rooms aren’t being used.
  • Invest in power-saving electronic equipment
  • Ensure computers and monitors have power-saving mode engaged.
  • Insulate all buildings to reduce HVAC expenses
  • Eliminate waste, and recycle as much as possible.

If emissions cannot be reduced, then offsets are necessary to limit atmospheric CO2 – and that’s another challenge in itself.

How you can invest in carbon offsets

We have made the process of helping the environment extremely simple through our system. As our name suggests, you and your customers can make a difference with one single click at the point of sale online. Our system allows for a simple addition to be added to your website’s checkout process, giving you a plug-and-play way to create sustainable outcomes that better our environment.

Your customers are given the option to donate and offset their purchase with a single click. They’ll be investing in real, trackable projects so they can feel better about their purchase.

No matter the industry you work in, adding CarbonClick’s Green Button to your checkout screen can make a real difference right now and in the future. Until we reach the point where our operations are fully eco-friendly, these little steps are paramount.

What are you doing to help embrace our beautiful planet?