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Improve repurchase rates by up to 13% and earn better brand advocacy.

What is CarbonClick for e-commerce?

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    Attract and retain climate-conscious customers

Embrace eco-consciousness with a carbon-neutral app for Shopify

50% of consumers are drawn to brands that offer greener alternatives. Offering emission offsetting helps attract and retain climate conscious consumers, improving repurchase rates by up to 13%.

carbon offsetting shopify plugin

CarbonClick was easily integrated and has provided our customers and us a simple opportunity to tackle climate action. The team has provided endless support.

Shanne Pritchard
Sustainability / Production / Design / Compliance, AS Colour

Shopify carbon offsets

The biggest win is e-commerce customer retention. Before, on average, after 90 days, our retention was 30%. With CarbonClick, it’s 48%. That makes a big difference to my business.

Dave Siegal
Owner, Tripod Coffee

carbon neutral shopify

I think it’s inexcusable not to implement climate change solutions into your business. In 2020 we achieved a 62% CarbonClick conversion rate, and every corporate client offset every gift. This tells me my customers are invested in taking climate action seriously too.

Alice Rule
Founder & Chief Winegrower, 3sixty2 Wines

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