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Welcome to our legal documents centre. Here, you will find links to legal documents, including terms and conditions, privacy policies, and other agreements that govern your use of our website and services. 

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Terms of Use

These are the terms governing your use of our website, My CarbonClick, and any of our tools and products provided through our partners. You can easily identify our tools and products by the "Powered by CarbonClick" sign. View our Terms of Use for, My CarbonClick and "Powered by CarbonClick" tools and products

Terms & Conditions

This is our contract with you - our commitment as service provider, and your obligations as a customer. These terms are the ones you accept when signing up for a CarbonClick account at View our Terms and Conditions for CarbonClick

Terms of Trade

These terms apply when you purchase carbon credits from us. You can buy carbon credits either directly in the CarbonClick platform, or through one of our partners (in which case you'll see the text "Powered by CarbonClick"). View our Terms of Trade for purchasing carbon credits from CarbonClick

Privacy Policy

Learn how CarbonClick treats personal data across the websites we operate and services we provide. View our Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Here you’ll find information on how we use cookies, and how you can control them. View our Cookie Policy

California’s Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures Act, AB 1305

View our AB1305 compliance notice.

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