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Travelers often seek information on types of journey schemes in the carbon dioxide market
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56% of travellers are concerned about climate change and carbon emissions

What is CarbonClick for Aviation?

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    Respond to changing behaviours

Travellers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact. Engage better with your climate conscious passengers, by providing an emission offsetting option every time they connect with you.


Accreditation, which means the governance can be attested, audited, and evidenced, is essential. Through CarbonClick, our customers have got a conscious choice and an accredited carbon offset certificate, so they know it’s real.

Tony Douglas
Former Group CEO, Etihad Aviation Group

By offering our passengers the opportunity to participate in offsetting their carbon impact, we are empowering them to take a very real and measurable action on their carbon footprint through the delivery of this partnership.

Michael Monvoisin
CEO, Air Tahiti Nui

By integrating CarbonClick’s end-to-end carbon offset solution into our cutting-edge IBE technology, we can now offer our airline partners and their passengers a transparent and traceable method to offset their carbon emissions.

Gregoire Echalier
CEO, Travel Technology Interactive (TTI)

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