Empower climate-
friendly travel

Bridge the gap to a more sustainable future for aviation and address climate change with our uniquely transparent, high-quality airline carbon offsets.

Introducing Climate Friendly Traveller

Why Climate Friendly Traveller?


An easy-to-use and easy-to-understand, fully integrated solution

Let customers take climate action when booking flights through an airline offset API. By using an airline offset API, customers can easily calculate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with their flight and choose to offset them by purchasing carbon credits.


High-quality, fully verified carbon offset projects that resonate with your passengers

Select top reforestation and clean renewable energy projects that claim emissions reductions, as these can effectively reduce greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.


Instantly trace contributions directly to the world’s top climate projects

Build trust in verified carbon standard offsetting with unique transparency and accountability measures.

Investing in developing and adopting sustainable aviation fuel is a critical step towards reducing the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels and achieving carbon neutrality.

High-quality projects
that resonate with your customers

We only source the best carbon reduction projects from across the globe, expertly vetted by our carbon emissions analysts. We also work with you to identify and select local projects that resonate with your markets.

All carbon offset programs are real, additional, permanent, and quantified. Each has been independently verified and delivers co-benefits that align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our aviation partners

We take the complexity out of voluntary
carbon offsetting. We make it
simple, meaningful, and trustworthy.

We work with you to create a world-class carbon offset programme that suits you best and resonates most with your passengers.

Trusted by 1,253 brands worldwide

“Accreditation, which means the governance can be attested, audited, and evidenced, is essential. CabonClick, for us, has been good. Through CarbonClick, we are offsetting in an accredited way. What we’ve loved about this is our customers have got a conscious choice and an accredited carbon offset certificate, so they know it’s real.”

Tony Douglas, Group CEO, Etihad Aviation Group, during Episode 1 of Simpliflying’s Sustainability in the Air podcast

“Amadeus has been reinforcing its strategy to address environmental concerns, especially in cooperation with industry stakeholders. Our partnership with CarbonClick demonstrates such commitment, where our travel agency platforms now enable agents to provide a high-trust carbon offsetting opportunity to their clients.”

Olivier Girault, VP of Sustainability Ecosystem Initiatives at Amadeus

“By offering our passengers the opportunity to participate in offsetting their carbon impact, we are empowering them to take a very real and measurable action on their carbon footprint through the delivery of this partnership.”

Michel Monvoisin, CEO at Air Tahiti Nui

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