Climate Friendly Traveller

We’re helping airports and airlines empower travellers to reduce their carbon footprint with our offsetting solutions.


Digital engagement points around the airport
allow travellers to easily calculate and offset
their emissions.

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Simple API integration, allowing your
customers to add carbon offsets in
the purchase flow.

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We offer specific white label solutions, making it easy for airports and airlines to introduce carbon offsetting programmes.

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Take the lead on an industry challenge

Help travellers balance out the carbon footprint of their flights with a voluntary offsetting programme.

Meet travellers’
sustainability needs

Travellers are becoming increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint. Take an environmental leadership role with an easily integrated offsetting programme.

Meet your climate goals

A carbon offsetting programme helps you account for the emissions you can’t reduce, giving a significant boost to the action you are already taking.

Support high quality carbon
offset projects

A customisable mix of high-impact reforestation and clean energy projects. They are verified and Gold Standard certified, we provide full transparency and every offset can be tracked and traced.

Built for the aviation industry

We understand just how complex, expensive and inefficient it is for businesses to create their own carbon offsetting programmes. We exist to make it simple, trustworthy and cost-effective.

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Travellers can easily calculate the carbon footprint of their flight and pay to offset it.


We provide full transparency. Every contribution can be tracked and traced directly to the projects it supports.


Every offset is aggregated in your cumulative impact dashboard, a powerful way of supporting your sustainability messaging.

Support the highest quality carbon offset projects

We make sure that every offset contribution goes directly to projects that deliver the biggest impact for the environment.

Every one of our projects is third party verified and meets a range of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We direct contributions to projects that support reforestation and clean energy, locally and globally.

As well as removing carbon from the atmosphere, each contribution helps to restore ecosystems and create sustainable green jobs.

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