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Install Climate Friendly Cart & enable your customers to offset the carbon footprint of their purchase, contributing to meaningful climate action.

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What are the benefits of Climate Friendly Cart?

Proven to increase repurchase rates

"For us, the biggest win from CarbonClick is e-commerce customer retention. Before, on average after 90 days our retention was 30%. With CarbonClick it’s 48%. That makes a big difference to my business."
Dave Siegel Owner, Tripod Coffee.

Do what your customers love

"This app has been amazing! Our customers love the option to pay a few extra dollars to contribute to carbon offsets. It's so great to give the customer the option to contribute or pass."
Salima Visram Owner, Samara Bags.

Support top-quality carbon offsetting projects

We direct every contribution to a balance of reforestation, biodiversity and high-impact clean energy projects.

This blended approach ensures that every offset delivers the biggest climate impact.

Not only are you removing carbon from the atmosphere, but you’re restoring native ecosystems and creating sustainable green jobs.

Join the movement

So far, we’ve helped 1,076 merchants around the world lead the way on green e-commerce.

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“One of our best product launches. The support and credentials of the team at CarbonClick were key to getting the product to market.”

Rowan DeanVP Commercial Development Asia Pacific, Constellation Brands New Zealand
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"As a young business leader, I think it's inexcusable to not implement climate change solutions into your business. 3sixty2 were New Zealand's first wine producer to introduce CarbonClick at the website checkout. So far in 2021 we've achieved a 70% conversion rate. This tells me my customers are invested in taking climate action seriously too. CarbonClick make it simple for business owners and customers to do the right thing."

Alice RuleFounder & Chief Winegrower, 3sixty2 Wines

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