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Introducing Climate-Friendly Cart

Why Climate Friendly Cart?


Respond to 91% of consumers demanding more climate action

Improve repurchase rates by 7-13%


Transparently show where contributions have gone

Provide instant track & trace receipts to enable customers to see the impact of their contribution towards offsetting greenhouse gases and supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Connect customers to top, local and global climate and renewable energy projects

Select carbon offset projects of the highest standards. By supporting initiatives prioritizing carbon sequestration, such as landfill gas capture projects, you can help mitigate the carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change.

E-commerce integrations

A climate-friendly shopping experience that is simple,
meaningful and transparent.

Learn more about our full solution features and plans to suit your specific needs.

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Trusted by 1,265 brands worldwide


“Climate Friendly Cart” was easily integrated with our website and has provided our customers and us a simple opportunity to take climate action. CarbonClick created a solution that lets us include our customers and provide transparency over our meaningful impact. The team has provided endless support throughout the project launch and beyond. The integration of Climate Friendly Cart has allowed the website to offer customers the option to offset the carbon dioxide emissions of their purchases and make a positive impact on the environment.”

Shanne Pritchard Sustainability / Production / Design / Compliance
AS Colour

“For us, the biggest win from CarbonClick is e-commerce customer retention. Before, on average, after 90 days, our retention was 30%. With CarbonClick, it’s 48%. That makes a big difference to my business. Knowing that we work hard to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to carbon removal projects gives us confidence that we are doing our part to combat climate change and become a carbon-neutral company.”

Dave Siegel Owner
Tripod Coffee

“This app has been amazing! At our company, we’re committed to helping our customers reduce their personal carbon footprint in any way possible. Our customers love the option to pay a few extra dollars to contribute to carbon offsets. It’s so great to give the customer the option to contribute or pass. By integrating Climate Friendly Cart with our website, we can now offer our customers the option to contribute towards offsetting carbon emissions from their purchases. We recognize the urgent need to address climate change, and CarbonClick has made it easy for us to take action towards reducing our carbon footprint and that of our customers.”

Salima Visram Owner
Samara Bags

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