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Introducing Climate Friendly Cart

Why Climate Friendly Cart?


Respond to 91% of consumers demanding more climate action

Improve repurchase rates by 7-13%


Transparently show where contributions have gone

Provide instant track & trace receipts


Connect customers to top local and global climate projects

Select projects of the highest standards

E-commerce integrations

A climate friendly shopping experience that is simple,
meaningful and transparent.

Learn more about our full solution features and plans to suit your specific needs.

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Trusted by 1,112 brands worldwide


online store carbon offsets

“Climate Friendly Cart was easily integrated with our website and has provided a simple opportunity for us and our customers to take climate action. CarbonClick created a solution that lets us include our customers and provide transparency over our meaningful impact. The team have provided endless support throughout the project launch and beyond.”

Shanne Pritchard Sustainability / Production / Design / Compliance
AS Colour
online store carbon offsets

"For us, the biggest win from CarbonClick is e-commerce customer retention. Before, on average after 90 days our retention was 30%. With CarbonClick it’s 48%. That makes a big difference to my business."

Dave Siegel Owner
Tripod Coffee
online store carbon offsets

"This app has been amazing! Our customers love the option to pay a few extra dollars to contribute to carbon offsets. It's so great to give the customer the option to contribute or pass."

Salima Visram Owner
Samara Bags

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