Grow collective
climate action

With the only fully transparent and accurately traceable carbon offsetting solution for sustainable fan, team and event travel.

Sports organisations can display climate leadership by engaging actively and collectively in the climate neutrality journey, in turn helping to differentiate from competitors, build brand reputation and engage their sports personnel, employees and members on environmental issues.

United Nations Sports for Climate Action

CarbonClick for Sports & Events

End-to-end travel offsetting

Enable the calculation and offsetting of carbon emissions related to all travel (including flights, rental cars and hotels).

Integrate with digital users journeys

Offer the opportunity to offset emissions when purchasing tickets or shopping for merchandise.

Reduce the overall impact

Calculate and offset residual event emissions.

Uniquely traceable

Each contribution is instantly traceable to highly vetted climate projects via track & trace, ensuring 100% transparency.

High impact climate action

Choose climate projects that resonate most and prove and publicise the positive impact on climate and communities.

Support highly vetted climate projects

Meaningful impact

Access the world’s best projects that have a meaningful, traceable impact.

Support communities

Select from a mix of local nature-based and global clean energy and projects that go beyond carbon. We also support non-carbon community/charity projects.

Support global sustainability

Support global sustainability values that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All projects align with at least three Sustainable Development Goals.

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