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Personal  carbon offsetting made easy

Many business models nowadays are based on subscription services. You can enjoy movies, television shows, and music through services such as Netflix and Spotify for a small monthly fee.

You can get almost anything delivered to your door, from high-end whiskies to the best beauty products. This is the way we live – on-demand. We’re tuning into this trend and becoming a part of the climate change movement with it.

Trace your impact straight back to the source

You need to know your contribution is working. Trace the impact you’re making right back to the source – high quality projects from NZ, US, AU and beyond.

Your personal carbon offsetting efforts could save the planet

Our subscription-based program lets you ditch unnecessary ones you no longer use – like those beauty gimmicks – and lets you take advantage of something that genuinely makes a difference in the world.

This program enables you to offset your footprint for a small monthly fee. Not only will you know that you are helping the planet one little bit at a time, but you can also watch live as your climate impact is neutralized via our real-time dashboard and individual carbon footprint calculator. It’s all in the numbers – the proof is in the pudding.

Get to know the projects you are supporting

Our subscription service provides more than just a simple progress bar; you can trace your contribution straight back to its source so you can see exactly where you are making a difference.

Our service funds are channeled into high-quality projects in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and many other countries worldwide. You get to see first-hand the real impact that your money is contributing towards making these projects possible.

Built-environmental footprint calculator

Want to know where your impact on the world stands? We have built the world’s simplest carbon footprint calculator to help you understand your impact and teach you how to fight climate change. You can calculate your footprint right here and then get your journey started straight away.

Get more trees in the ground

Your CarbonClick offset does more than other offsets. Every purchase puts new trees in the ground*.

* 1 plantation tree, per tonne of carbon offset

Share your impact and grow a movement

Ny CarbonClick Impact Dashboard

See and share the impact you’ve helped create, with a personal dashboard.

My CarbonClick Features

MyCarbonClick features

Get started today.
Make your life climate positive,
and help save the planet

Get started today. Make your life climate positive and help save the planet

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