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How carbon offsetting can benefit your company’s reputation and CSR

The success of any business has always depended on playing a valuable role in society.

‘Creating value’ used to be paying taxes and providing employment. These days, however, it includes the impact that a company has on the world. This impact might be environmental (what’s your carbon footprint?) social (e.g. how are your employees treated?) and or economic (how many jobs have you created?).

Businesses are expected to be sustainable, responsible and adhere to current social norms by adopting corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR mitigates negative impacts on a business, it signals transparency, it involves stakeholders in decision-making processes, and it helps businesses adapt to a world where carbon and climate change is a hot topic.

Benefits reported by companies fully embracing CSR include strengthened reputation, competitive advantage and improved stakeholder relationships.

A recent AIG poll found that climate change is an important, personal issue to 79% of New Zealanders.

With climate change being such a key issue among consumers — showing that you are looking after the environment is one of the most important things NZ companies can do to stay relevant

How carbon offsetting works

Carbon offsetting is a simple, cost-effective way to compensate for your company’s impact on climate change.

This can be done either by calculating and offsetting your entire company’ emissions, or enabling your consumers to offset the carbon footprint of their consumption.

Having a carbon offsetting option on your website signals a commitment to climate change and a desire to be a part of a global movement to reduce carbon emissions.

Remember though, offsetting alone isn’t the answer.

Carbon offsetting is only effective after you’ve measured and reduced your company’s carbon emissions. Without measurement, reduction is difficult. Without reduction, carbon offsetting is ineffective climate action.

We’re enabling consumers to offset their footprint

CarbonClick provides a trusted and transparent way for a consumer to offset their carbon footprint while making a payment online. For businesses, it eliminates the need to create their own offsetting solution, freeing up time to focus on other CSR initiatives.

When consumers press the green button, a surcharge is added to their purchase and CarbonClick instantly buys offsets to compensate for the footprint of the purchase, sending user insights into their contribution and impact.

Visit our website to find out more.

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