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Vanquish partnership offers car enthusiasts a one-stop shop to offsetting vehicle emissions

4 August, 2022

Two Auckland-based tech companies, Vanquish and CarbonClick, have come together to deliver a climate-positive solution that takes the sting out of the emissions from what some perceive as a “guilty pleasure.” 

Vanquish is the passion project of Entrepreneur Aaron McDonald who wanted to deliver a carbon offsetting solution to fellow car enthusiasts and, in doing so, alleviate the unavoidable issue of emissions associated with fossil-fuelled vehicles. 

Aaron says, “I’m excited to launch this simple way for people who love their classic or performance cars and those who can’t upgrade to electric to drive guilt free. Vanquish makes it as easy as an annual WOF to be climate-positive while you drive. It’s one more simple way we can help others make a difference.” 

Vanquish has three simple plans that make it easy to choose the level of offsetting for your style of driving. 

The Garage Queen – For those who have something precious in their shed that doesn’t get to see the road as often as they would like. 

The Weekend Warrior – For those who like to take their beast out for a long drive or weekend away 

The Daily Driver – For those who drive something with a bit more grunt every day. 

Aaron says, “Not only do you get to drive guilt free , you get to choose from a range of cheeky and irreverent “Carbon WOF” stickers to show others you have done your part to help with climate change.”

CarbonClick CEO Dave Rouse explains, “Before realising the negative impact fossil fuel-powered cars have on the environment, great minds have created some amazing      vehicles over the years. Some of which are engineering masterpieces. Historical reminders of the technological progress we have made. For many people, there’s a great amount of sentiment attached to these vehicles. Vanquish is a way to preserve some of that history and the joy, whilst providing a way to compensate for the emissions caused.”

For some drivers, there is currently no feasible alternative to a fossil fuel vehicle. Until other solutions like hydrogen conversions become more accessible, carbon offsetting provides the opportunity to enjoy driving whilst making an immediate and positive environmental impact. 

Partnering with B Corp certified CarbonClick equips Vanquish with the tools to offer a programme with immediate carbon offsets that can be directly attributed and traced to selected projects. 

CarbonClick has become a global leader in high-trust carbon offsetting, with programmes transparent and traceable for participants. All projects are fully verified and focus on clean energy and reforestation. By offsetting with Vanquish and CarbonClick, participants will be making a difference in the following projects: 


CarbonClick CEO Dave Rouse says, “Partnerships are key to the collective cooling of the planet.” CarbonClick currently works with more than 1,000 businesses worldwide, including       airlines, corporate travel, airports, retail and e-commerce, to deliver highly impactful carbon offsetting programmes to benefit some of the most vulnerable communities and places on the planet. 

Select from three plan types as to which is best for your purpose at

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