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Climate Friendly Teams

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Climate Action

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Save the planet, grow your business – become fully carbon neutral

When your business takes action and does their part in joining the fight, they are not just contributing to our planet’s future. Everywhere, people are rallying to reduce emissions and become carbon offset enterprises to help battle climate change. Your input is more than likely going to encourage other companies to walk the walk too. Be the inspiration this world needs to make the right moves for the future.

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Your customers
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climate change

Survey by IAG New Zealand. 8 out of 10 respondents were “concerned” or “very concerned” about climate change

How to become fully carbon neutral

Here’s the thing: for many businesses, the big question is: ‘Where do I start?’.

This is where we come in, offering services to help you initiate emission reduction programs and connect your business with significant projects in the field. We also provide off-the-shelf enterprise carbon offsetting solutions to help you contribute to the climate change battle.

Add carbon offsets at point-of-purchase

Add our green button to any shopping cart or invoice. Your customers can choose to offset their climate impact, or you can offset it for them.

Create a carbon-friendly sales initiative

We help businesses just like you utilize more eco-friendly sales tactics and programs, right up to the point of sale.

The Green Button at your checkout

While you reduce your footprint, invite your customers at the checkout to join and take climate action by reducing the environmental impact of their purchase. Our merchants report higher conversion, more repeat customers, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our solution recently won us the climate action innovator award and we’ve collected over 70 five-star reviews. Learn more here.

Take action on climate now

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Your company’s stance on climate change matters

Don’t be left behind by your competition; BEAT them. Connect with the best carbon offsetting for businesses, including products and programs that show your customers and community that you are making a difference and becoming part of the solution.

We make the process of adopting these programs straightforward with minimal disruption, so you can enjoy the rewards that come with genuinely embracing the environment around us.

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