Business carbon offsetting: Tailored climate action solutions for your enterprise

CarbonClick makes it easy to reduce your climate impact across your business. It offers your business an easy way to manage your carbon footprint and engage in business carbon offsetting projects.

In your Business

Inspire your team and grow your
sustainable brand

Easily implement and manage sustainable activity across your business.
Your business can offset carbon emissions by purchasing high-quality carbon offsets in carbon offset markets, helping support renewable energy projects and combat climate change.
By purchasing high-quality carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market, your business can offset its greenhouse gas emissions and support renewable energy projects, contributing to the fight against climate change.

For your Customers

Engage your climate-conscious

Offer simple, engaging carbon reduction solutions to your customers.

Climate change is happening fast, as is how we approach the action we must take. We work with you to develop engaging, bespoke solutions to integrate corporate carbon offsetting plans into your business offering.

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How to take climate action in your business

Through the Climate Action Platform, you can:


Manage all your sustainable activity in one place

Measure and track the positive impact your business is having on the environment. Our solutions will enable you to calculate your carbon footprint, identify areas for improvement, and take action to achieve carbon neutrality.


Share the good you are doing for the planet

Promote your climate action among your team and to your customers, and tell a rich, engaging sustainability story.


Bring your team on the

Take a genuine climate leadership role and offset your team’s carbon footprint, boosting engagement and loyalty with our carbon offset programs.


Integrate carbon offset project into your business

Help your business to integrate carbon offset projects into your business offering, making it easier to engage with climate-conscious customers and promote your sustainability efforts

Where can we help you take climate action?

Engage your customers in your climate action journey. Select your business area to find out more.

Use Cases

AA Smartfuel

AA Smartfuel is NZ’s largest loyalty program, with over 2 million members. We added CarbonClick as a reward, allowing drivers to convert their points to carbon offsets and drive green.

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Climate Positive Product

Round Theory wine is made sustainably at every stage in the process. We made every bottle climate positive by bundling carbon dioxide emissions offset into the product’s price.

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