Empower your team on their journey to net zero

Climate change is an urgent challenge we all need to address.

You can make a significant difference by starting your staff on their journey to carbon zero – demonstrating real leadership by engaging your team in climate action that reaches wider than your business.


Quick, intuitive footprint calculator

Helping your team easily understand their personal footprint and key climate impact areas.
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Climate friendly actions to start making reductions

Start learning how to reduce the areas with the biggest climate impact. Set goals as individuals or a team and save your footprint to track your reductions.
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Balance out the emissions that can't be reduced

Offset a portion of your team’s footprint. They can match with it with personal offsets, or make additional contributions to account for emissions like travel.
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Start a movement

How it works:

1. Subscribe

1. Subscribe

Purchase a monthly offsetting subscription that matches the impact and climate ambitions of your team.
2. Invite

2. Invite

Start a climate Movement with your staff. Track and manage your collective impact through the portal.
3. Track

3. Track

Every team member can track their personal impact, access emissions reduction tools and make further offsets.

Your impact

Support climate projects making a real difference around the world.

Protecting the American Wilderness

Doe Mountain, Tennessee, USA

Farmers Regenerating Aussie Bush

NSW, Australia

Preserving the Forests of the Great Lakes

Ontario, Canada

Tribes Protecting African Forests and WIldlife

Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Native Woodland Creation

Wester Coshieville, Scotland

Regenerating Native NZ Forests

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Creating Hot Water with Solar Energy

Bangalore, India

Sichuan Household Biogas Programme

Sichuan, China

Highest quality offsets

We direct every contribution to a balance of reforestation and high impact clean energy projects.

This blended approach ensures that every offset delivers the biggest climate impact.

Not only are you removing carbon from the atmosphere, but you’re restoring native ecosystems and creating sustainable green jobs.

Our projects partner with:

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Climate Friendly FAQs

Almost everything we do produces carbon emissions and it’s likely that your footprint is bigger than you realise, even if you’ve already made changes to the way you live your life. Understanding your carbon footprint, on an individual, family or business level is a fundamental part of taking meaningful, effective climate action.

Once you know what your overall impact and emissions areas look like, you can start to take action to reduce these and, most importantly, you can see that this is making a difference.

Voluntary carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for unavoidable carbon emissions. To do this, organisations support projects that positively impact the environment and reduce or avoid carbon emissions that would have otherwise contributed to climate change. If the positive impact of this support negates the negative impact they have, ie: if the emissions avoided equal the original emissions of an activity, that activity is said to be “offset”. In most circumstances, the activity or product can now be classified as carbon neutral as far as you’ve offset. Alternatively, a business may be able to offset this themselves and claim carbon neutrality or net zero carbon.

We pre-purchase our carbon credits to offer a uniqe track and trace feature. Our transparent reimbursement model means that you can immediately see the retirement certificates from the projects you are supporting and know your contribution is having a direct impact.

A key feature of a carbon offsetting project is additionality, which means the project could not go ahead without the finance of carbon credits. We rigorously analyse our projects to ensure that additionality criteria is being met and your money is having a direct impact.

From our customers:

"We’re proud to have taken another step further with CarbonClick by bringing our team into the carbon reduction journey. With full engagement and delight from our staff, AA Smartfuel is proud to have taken this initiative and to be able to give our team the opportunity to incorporate this into their everyday lives. Giving them a head start and sponsoring some of their footprint has already created a positive impact."

Scott McNulty

National Sales Manager, AA Smartfuel

Getting started

Set up your business as a Climate Friendly Team

Get started by choosing a monthly subscription to match the size of your team and offset their carbon footprint.

Want to sign up a large team? For big businesses with lots of staff, we can manually load teams for you. Get in touch to find out more.

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